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.: Famous Minions

..: Borg

The Borg are classic Drones. They are completely without individual personalities and are replaced easily by assimilation. One on one they are easy to defeat but in numbers are overwhelming. Entire operation is run by a chick. Source: Star Trek: TNG. Evil Overlord: Borg Queen/Borg Collective.

..: Stormtroopers

Stormtroopers are soldiers cloned from Jengo Fett, father of Boba Fett. One might wonder why a loner bounty hunter was chosen as the source for an army of obedience minded clones, but the less said about that the better. Stormtroopers are fairly useless by themselves, and not much better in groups. They are good at killing Jawas and farmers, but fall short when fighting something that shoots back. Their blaster accuracy is questionable when shooting at human sized targets at 20 meters, but increases dramatically when shooting at a vehicle the size of a mountain moving at 15 MPH. Source: Star Wars. Evil Overlord: Darth Vader/Emperor Palpatine.

..: Boba Fett

The cloned son of Jengo Fett, Boba's life goal was to die in an even more spectacularly stupid fashion then his father. After being puffed up as the ultimate bounty hunter badass throughout Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett is finally defeated by a blind Han Solo tripping off Boba's jetpack and tumbling him into the mouth of the almighty Sarlac. If the Fett trend continues and the next three movies get made, Boba's son will become the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy and dies by either slipping in the shower or choking on a potato chip. Source: Star Wars. Evil Overlord: Jabba the Hutt.

..: Salacious Crumb

Salacious Crumb is the Lackey of Jabba the Hutt. He babbles in an incomprehensible language and laughs at the plight of everyone Jabba torments. However in a movie with Ewoks, squids commanding battle fleets and idiotic bounty hunters, Crumb is oddly not the most annoying character in Jedi. Crumb is the perfect example of a Lackey as he doesn't contribute anything to his Overlord. Source: Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Evil Overlord: Jabba the Hutt.

..: Dr Girlfriend

Dr Girlfriend is the love interest of the Monarch. While distinguishing herself as one of the few love interests that outright betrays her Evil Overlord, she still does little or nothing to enhance his goals of revenge and domination, even sometimes questioning them outright. Her insolence is further exacerbated by getting diet cola. Source: Venture Bros. Evil Overlord: The Monarch.

..: Monarch Henchmen

The henchmen of the Monarch are loyal, if incompetent. Recruited through drug rehab clinics, classifieds and outright kidnap, the Monarch's henchmen are accustomed to their lot in life and sometimes even show some initiative in furthering their master's plans…obviously with disastrous results. Source: Venture Bros. Evil Overlord: The Monarch.

..: Manservant

Manservant is the Servant (obviously) of Baron Underbite. Weak and spineless as a Servant should be, he is utterly loyal to Underbite out of mix of fear and love. Mainly fear. Source: Venture Bros. Evil Overlord: Baron Underbite.

..: Grand Mof Tarkin

Although he technically outranked Lord Vader, we all know Vader wore the pants here. Tarkin enjoys his job and is actually satisfied with his position in the Empire. His loyalty is only equaled by his arrogance and confidence. He is one of the few Trusted LTs that had no plans to betray his Evil Overlord, but like all Trusted LTs, dies horribly. Source: Star Wars. Evil Overlord: Darth Vader/Emperor Palpatine.

..: Darth Vader

Vader is unique in that he is both a Trusted LT minion and also a formidable Evil Overlord in his own right. As Emperor Palpatine is only referred to and plays almost no role in Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back, Vader bears the brunt of being the Evil Overlord that represents the Empire. But in Return of the Jedi, Palpatine takes over the role of Overlord so that Vader can play his role as the trusted LT, betray his Evil Overlord, and die horribly. Source: Star Wars. Evil Overlord: Darth Vader/Emperor Palpatine.

..: Cenobites

The Cenobites are the henchmen of Hell from the Hellraiser series. They service the desires of mankind while wearing the most fashionable bondage gear and sporting extreme body mods before they were cool. Pinhead was the figurehead but not the actual Evil Overlord, merely the Trusted LT. The actual Evil Overlord was Hell itself, called Leviathan and represented by a giant golden Rubick's Cube. Source: Hellraiser. Evil Overlord: Leviathan



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